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Notes on Literature: Chance, Fundamental Laws, and Narratives

Despite being a talk by no less an intellectual personage than Murray Gell-Mann himself, Beauty, truth and … physics? is a warm, charming, clear, no-nonsense, and non-technical exposition of the aesthetic framework underlying the laws of fundamental physics. Yet, that’s not … Continue reading

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Notes on Writing: Writing Science, the Obsessions of Science Writers

The best science writers do not write science; they write cultural histories. With the single-minded obsession of an auteur meticulously putting together a motion picture, they tease out the narratives underlying the human efforts to make sense of the Universe. … Continue reading

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Musings and Reminiscences: Basking in Curiosity

Somewhere in George Johnson’s excellent scientific biography, Strange Beauty: Murray Gell-Mann and the Revolution in 20th-Century Physics, there’s this poignant line about Gell-Mann’s son Nick He had absorbed so much just from basking in his father’s curiosity. The sentence came … Continue reading

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