Of Notes, Notebooks, and Beautiful Friendships

I’ve always had a notebook into which I would scribble occasional thoughts and musings, copy out favourite passages from books, and even outline arguments for longer pieces of writing. Such a motley bunch of scribblings between the covers of a single notebook irked my sensitive, super-systematic brain no end. And so, a few months ago, I decided to systematise my rather unruly note-taking routine without, of course, robbing myself of the delight of putting pen to paper and filling pages and pages of physical paper with ink. A separate notebook for each of the different kinds of writing I did was the heroic way forward!

Pierre Cardin Jeune, are a collection of notebooks (they’re marketed as “journals,” and I suppose they are) that combine the essential old-fashioned charm of a notebook (yellow tinted off-white pages!) with a cool hipness of design (hence, jeune). These, I told myself, would henceforth be the receptacles of my learned outpourings, my frenzied note-taking, and my obsessive quote-copying. Four books. Four Colours. The Black Book of Quotes! The Blue Book of Notes! The Red Book of Writings! And … The Green Book of Concise Condensed Literary Wisdom!

The Green Book didn’t quite happen the way I intended it to. (The others did.) For one, it’s not Pierre Cardin Jeune; it’s a much smaller pocket journal. And for another, it’s decidedly not The Green Book of Condensed Literary Wisdom; that’s what it was meant to be, but I re-purposed it. It’s now the little green journal into which I’ve willed and disciplined myself into writing a page or two every day: the green book, therefore, of my literary journalism!

At the moment the little green book’s index looks like this:


And the, as yet, lone entry for today (hinting at what I think is the beginning of a beautiful friendship) reads,

I’ve made up my mind. I’m going to read A Suitable Boy. War and Peace can wait!

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