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Notes on Literature: Chance, Fundamental Laws, and Narratives

Despite being a talk by no less an intellectual personage than Murray Gell-Mann himself, Beauty, truth and … physics? is a warm, charming, clear, no-nonsense, and non-technical exposition of the aesthetic framework underlying the laws of fundamental physics. Yet, that’s not … Continue reading

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Quotes: Life According to “Little, Big”

The things that make us happy make us wise. ‘Love is a myth.’ ‘Love is a myth,’ Grandfather Trout said. ‘Like summer.’ ‘What?’ ‘In winter,’Grandfather Trout said, ‘summer is a myth. A report, a rumor. Not to be believed in. … Continue reading

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Notes on Writing: Thoughts

I always write a thing first and think about it afterwards … because the easiest way to have consecutive thoughts is to start putting them down. — E. B. White Like everything else in life, articulating thoughts by writing them … Continue reading

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