Musings: A Note on Aleph Moments

The “Aleph moment” is a cliché of sorts in this blog. I tend to use this expression a lot, but until now it didn’t occur to me to define it: to make clear to myself and others what I mean by an “Aleph moment.” It is, of course, borrowed from Borges’s short story The Aleph (a lovelorn Buenos Airesian discovers a point in space which contains the whole world in it); or rather, in a ‘Pierre Menard’-esque way (I should probably define this one as well), from references to it by other Borgesians infinitely more eloquent and articulate than I ever will be. My aleph moments are points in time of heightened awareness when for a flitting instance everything comes together and everything makes sense. I tend to experience such moments—more often than not—when listening to music. It’s as if dormant neural pathways suddenly spring to life and start firing, only to vanish the moment the inspiration ebbs or the music stops playing.

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