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Notes on Literature: A Brief Note on “The Lord of the Rings” (or the Shire, Elves, and Dreams)

Spoiler Alert: If you’re yet to read The Lord of the Rings, keep away! The scouring of the Shire is the penultimate act of The Lord of the Rings and in many ways, the irresistible rush of great heroic events … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Black Swan

“A gem of a movie” is an overused expression, but one that describes Black Swan perfectly. For Darren Aronofsky’s near-masterpiece (as The Washington Post review puts it) is indeed a gem; it has the superficial trappings of an ordered and … Continue reading

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Movie Review: The King’s Speech

2001. An 11th grader stands in front of his class. In his hands he holds a piece of paper from which he is supposed to read out a hand written essay on Achilles. Try hard as he may, not a … Continue reading

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Musings and Reminiscences: Deeply Saddened

Yesterday I came to know, via Prof. Abinandanan’s blog post, that theoretical physicist Rahul Basu of The Institute of Mathematical Sciences has passed away. I’ve never met Rahul in person and my relationship with him was limited to that of a quiet follower … Continue reading

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